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Welcome to Dagonoth's wiki. This is where guides, tutorials and information about the server will be posted to ensure everyone can enjoy our content using the right methods.

To play Dagonoth, the server's webclient can be found here. Our download clients can be found here.

What Dagonoth is aboutEdit

Welcome to Dagonoth! We are an economy based server with a large range of skills, bosses, mini-games and a proud Pking community.

We pride our-self on being a friendly and welcoming community, our staff are friendly and committed to making you feel at home.

Our servers are stable and online 100% of the time.

Dagonoth is one of a kind, it is guaranteed you will not find another server like this one.

Key Features Edit

  • 3 XP Modes to choose from (Lord, Legend, Master)
  • Recently new and updated NPCs
  • Custom Clan Wars
  • Custom Team Bossing
  • Regularly Updated
  • 9 Unique Mini games to
  • 24 Skills to master
  • 3 Amazing Quests
  • Clue Scrolls Duel Anywhere / Wagers
  • Strong Economy
  • Friendly Staff and Community
  • 24/7 Up time
  • New ::buy feature and buying/selling can be done by using our in-game command ::market, trade players and accessing their shops or here.

Our Quests Edit

Our quests are completely custom and based on ideas of our community. A list of the quest and their guide can be found here.

Skills Edit

A complete list of our skills and how to train them can be found here.

Around our Server Edit

Around Dagonoth, there is a wide variety of activities to do. Players, old or new, may use this wiki to search our guides on how-tos, guides in general and helpful information provided by our staff team, editors and our community.

Information Edit

For our donations, system, discounts, perks, details and shops. Click here.

For information about our unique and custom bossing, click here.

About one of our amazing updates: Mini me, click here to learn about them.

Latest activityEdit

You can find our updates here: Updates

And our news and announcements can be found here: News/Announcements

Errors Edit

If you find an error on this wiki, please make sure to contact "Xx War xX" before editing it to verify if it's an actual error. Either PM him on the forums or in-game by his name.
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